How can you help me?

Spending a year in Guyana isnít cheap; I need to raise £3,850. Project Trust use this money to cover many aspects of my year out teaching abroad.

This is where you can help; all the money is to be raised through my own efforts.

Obviously the easiest way to help me is to make a monetary donation but this isnít the only way you can help. Anything you can donate from prizes for raffles, to use of a hall for a fundraising event, will also help me to reach my target.

Making a monetary donation Firstly I must stress, no donation is too small! You could sponsor me for a day at £10.55 or even a week at £73.85.

Project Trust is happy to accept donations on my behalf. Please make any donations by cheque payable to Project Trust but then send it to my home address. Project Trust also accepts charity vouchers and donations by credit or debit card over the phone.

When making any donation directly to Project Trust please state that it is me you are donating for and my volunteer I.D number 04/0500330, otherwise the sum will not be added to my total.

Fund Raising Assistance

Not all of my money is going to come from donations; I will be running various events to assist me in raising the total. For this, any kind of assistance would be helpful.

Do you have a hall I could use for a quiz night?

Perhaps some products I could raffle off or use as prizes?

I donít expect everything free, if you would only be willing to offer a percentage discount that would still be great.

If you think you can help just contact me and I will get back to you. If you have any queries about making a donation just get in contact either with me or Project Trust

The graph below shows where the money I raise is spent by Project Trust

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