Guyana is found in Northern South America bordered by the Atlantic Ocean between Venezuela and Suriname.

The country is largely dense rainforest with some grassy savannah, which is split up by 965 miles of river. Understandably Guyana means ‘land of many waters’ in Amerindian.

Although covering an area slightly smaller than the UK, it has a population of only 700,000, mainly living on the coast, in and around the capital, George Town.

As a former British Colony is the only English speaking country in South America. Guyana has an amazingly diverse population, mainly Afro-Caribbean and East Indian, but other nationalities like Portuguese, Chinese and of course the native Amerindians. On the plus side this creates a generally unique culture within the country, although ethnic unrest has become a problem. Other problems that face the country are a high aids rate, poor infrastructure, high unemployment and a declining population due to migration.

Guyana is a beautiful country with dense virgin rainforest, unspoilt by tourism and a Caribbean atmosphere filled with friendly people with wide smiles.

Below are a few pictures of Guyana:

The Capital Georgetown One of the Amazing waterfalls

A Guyanese House

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