The thank you list

Have you made a donation towards my gap year? Well this is where I will make sure everyone who does receives credit.

Of course I canít always guarantee I will mention everyone, but if you provide some kind of help then please let me know if I donít include you below

Personal Donations:
Julie and Ian Shaw
Sally and Adrian Peck
Pat and Derek Prescott
Sarah Franklin
Penny Channer
Marjorie Watson
Penny Varnam
Steve and Vanda Harmer
Sam Watson
Paul Dickens
Bonita Webber
Audrey Biggs
David & Sandra Biggs
Jean & Les Watson
Peter & Mary Watson
Rebekah de Lacy
Ray Short
Ken Drinkwater
Don and Rita
Viv, Dieter and Josh Wallis
Jay Lee and Rachel
Pauline and John Reynolds
Gill and Geoff Cowling
Bill and Jane Starkey
Hazel Walker and Derek Lakin
Eileen and Dick Chapman
Joan Hepden
Naomi and Bernard Redshaw
Derek and Liz Watson
Steven Watson
Eileen and Dick Chapman
Joan Hepden
Naomi and Bernard Redshaw
my lovely sister Amy

Donations from Organisations
Burnham Rotary Club
Essex County Council

Donations from Charities:
The Alchemy Foundation
The Madeline Mabey Trust
The Oak Trust

Special Thanks:
All the pupils and staff at St Peters High School who donated money on a non uniform day.
To Tom Green for his help whenever I needed some

And also special thanks to Dr North for sticking those needles into me free of charge

Also a thanks to everyone who took part in my raffle, came to my fund raising concert or plays my bonus ball game.

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