Ben's Travel Itinerary

July 13th Bus to Manaus
July 14th Fly to Tabatinga
Celebrate Hugh´s b'day
July 16th Fly to Iquitos, Peru
July 17th Fly to Lima
Spend time in Lima
July 19th Bus to Arequipa
July 20th Bus to Cuzco
Visit Machu Pichu, spend time in Cuzco
July 26th Bus to Puno
July 27th Bus to Copacabana, Bolivia
Tour Lake Titicaca
July 30th Bus to La Paz
Spend time in La Paz
August 5th Bus to Arica, Chile
Spend time in Chile
August 7th Bus back to La Paz, Bolivia
August 8th Bus to Santa Cruz
Spend time in Santa Cruz
August 10th Fly from Santa Cruz to Manaus, Brazil
Few days partying in Manaus
August 13th Bus to Boa Vista
August 14th Bus to Santa Elena, Venezuela
August 15th Bus to Boa Vista back to Lethem and get bus to Annai
August 16th Spend day in Annai and then bus back to town
August 17th Arrive in Georgetown
August 24th Fly Home (Adventure over)

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