Ben's Gap year to guyana

Update from Project Trust

Dear Mr Biggs and Ms Watson,

As you will no doubt be aware, John and I have recently visited Guyana and between us saw all of the volunteers. John visited Region 1 and saw Ben and Duncan, so I shall get him give you some first hand news.

John says, "Ben is doing well and is enjoying the teaching. He has a fairly demanding workload with which he seems to cope reasonably well and he's an excellent teacher. The good news I'm sure from your point of view is that his accommodation was the tidiest and best kept of all the volunteers I saw! Unfortunately I missed out on his culinary skills in that I had only one night there and took them out for a meal. He and Ben had bought a pumpkin to make their 'famous' pumpkin curry which they maintain is the finest in the area, for which I can only take their word. All in all I really enjoyed seeing them and together with Ben and the Peace Corps volunteer they share a house with, they make an excellent team and are enjoying the life at Annai."

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Coming in to land at Annai International Airport
Ben and Duncan
Sir Ben of Annai doin' his stuff
Rockview Bar, the lively part of town!
Annai from the air
Duncan Teaching