Annai Village

Recently I received a letter giving me the details of the exact part of Guyana I will be spending my year, and if you hadnít guessed it by the page title I will be living in Annai. Annai is deep in the interior of the country near the Rupununi River. It is around 75 miles from the border with Brazil, 800 miles from the capital Georgetown and 5,000 miles from my home in Mayland. It is within an area called Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo Region, put more simply, Region 9! It is accessible by light aircraft flight or 12-hour bus journey!

Below is a map showing its exact location:

Whilst in Annai I will be primarily teaching Maths and Physics, with some Chemistry and English at the secondary school. My accommodation will be a brick building on the school site with no electricity and no running water. I will be living here with another Project Trust Volunteer and possibly another teacher at the school.

The photos below are of Annai Village including Annai "International Airport" know locally as "that patch of flat grass".

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