News Update from Ben 5th August 2005

Hey everyone,

just follow the link below to see some wicked photos of Me, Steven, Hugh and Dod mountain biking the worlds most dangerous road. Our group is the first 140 shots (of 307) although we do appear in a couple of the others. If you have time look thru them all as there are some fantastic scenery shots of cars (and bikes) very very close to the edge. In the first bit of our piccies, I'm wearing a blue coat under my orange jacket and later im just in a red t-shirt, under my orange jacket. All thru i'm wearing a red helmet.

Right now I'm in La Paz, Bolivia, helping the Boilivians celebrate independance day. Tomorrow I fly back to Manaus and spend a few days partying there (and possibly renting a motorized canoe, so we can muck around on the Amazon).

See you all in just over 2 weeks!


If you want to see the pictures of Ben riding the road, I "snuck" a few off the web, click here to view

If you want to see all 140 of the photos try this link.

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