Contact Me


I have changed my email address, as I hope to have email access in Annai.

The new address is:


Due to so much junk email around on the internet the only way I can totally cut it out is to have an allow list. Only people on the allow list can send me email.

This mean I need to add you before I go. Please email the above address before 24th August so I can add you.


Everyone on the allow list will receive regular updates on my progress in Annai

I will be able to receive letters in Annai, and my address is:


Ben Biggs

Annai Secondary School

Bina Hill


Region 9



Now post can be very unreliable when sent to Guyana so here are a few tips on mailing me:


      Number all letters, that way I can tell if one goes missing

      Keep copies of all letters, if one goes missing u can copy it and send it again

      If I take a while to reply then donít be offended, mail can take up to 40 days to reach me, plus I may be very busy with teaching

      Letters seem to get through more often when they look official, a sticky label with my name and address printed on it will increase the chance of the letter arriving


My home contact details are:

(obviously I wont be contactable at them until around 25th August 2005)


Phone: 01621 741 853


Address:Ben Biggs†††††††

††††††††††††† 42 Bramley Way

†† Mayland


†††† CM3 6ER


If you want to ask Project Trust something directly their details are here:




Phone:0187 923 0444


Address:The Hebridean Centre

Isle of Coll

††††††† Argyll, Scotland

PA78 6TE