Ben's Gap year to guyana

August '04 - August '05

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If you want to write to Ben via snail mail click here for his address in Guyana


22/09/2005 - The concluding Chapter of Ben's Guyana Gap year. Click here to read about the parties, the girls and the sights


21/07/2005 - Ben found time to send us an update from Bolivia. He has ridden the worlds most dangerous road. Click here to read all about it and see the photos I "snuck" off the web of him doing it.

05/08/2005 - Ben is currently Travelling around Peru, Chile and Brazil. He is due to return home on August 25th - Click here for his itinerary

02/06/2005 - News from Ben, those of a nervous disposition regarding snakes be warned. click here to read

12/04/2005 - Next installment of Bens big adventure, click here to read and enjoy

28/02/2005 - email update from Ben, click here to read his latest adventures

22/02/2005 - email update from Project Trust who have been to visit Ben, also some photos of Ben click here to check it out

27/01/2005 - email update from Ben, click here to read

21/01/2005 - photo's from Ben's christmas holiday in Trinidad, click here to view

15/12/2004 - email update from Ben, click here to read

25/10/2004 - email update from Ben, click here to read

23/09/2004 - email update from Ben, click here to read

08/09/2004 - email from Ben, click here to read

03/09/2004 - More news from Ben, he has arrived in Annai village and taught his first lesson. Having a few culture shocks with regards to his accomodation, more details later. Click here to read an account published in the local Guyanan newspaper regarding the project trust volunteers. In the picture Ben is standing at the back....I think!!!

26/08/2004 - Well he's arrived!!! First contact from Ben, he arrived safe in Georgetown the capital of Guyana despite a temptation to go "missing" in Barbados on the way!! Apparently he's been busy practising the Guyanese art of sitting in the sun doing nothing.

18/08/2004 - Only 1 week until I leave for guyana on 25th August, I cannot believe it is almost here!!! If you want to contact me or receive news by email while I am in Guyana click here for my special contact details, it would be nice to hear from you, if you are too late and I have gone my dad will keep this web site up to date with any news or you can send an email to address and he will forward it to me or send you any information he has about how I am getting on

Click here for details and photo's of Annai Village where I will be living and teaching over the coming year.

Unless you have reached this page by mistake I can assume you are interested in my gap year! Well on this page I am including all the information you will need to know, which in turn will hopefully inspire you to donate towards my gap year!

Running Total 3850...Brilliant!!

A big thank you to everyone who has donated. Click here for a complete list.

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Once in Guyana I will be writing regular letters home, which hopefully will appear on the website. This means you can keep track of what I am doing during my time in Guyana